Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, 13th Edition


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10th edition no longer available

The Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) is BICSI’s flagship manual. Now in its 13th edition, it is the basis for the RCDD® exam and has become a true world resource in global best practices.

Since 1984, the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) is the definitive reference manual for telecommunications and information communications technology infrastructure design. Written by industry experts serving within a vast array of industries, as well as the telecommunications infrastructure supply chain, the TDMM, 13th edition, provides critical design information and practice for today’s and tomorrow’s networks.

In addition to updating existing practices to current technology for data networks, the TDMM has incorporated new information to address the issues and solutions emerging for tomorrow’s networks.

These topics include:

  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).
  • Passive Optical Networks (PON) for within buildings.
  • IP infrastructure for AV Systems, with emphasis placed on ensuring content is applicable to the designer’s needs of today.
  • A new section on business development.
  • Select reductions in content applicable to the network administrator or application developer.

The 13th edition TDMM continues to emphasize recommendations for best practices drawn from experts around the world, while providing deep reference information on the standards and codes that impact our readership.

Whether a newcomer or seasoned veteran to IT infrastructure design, the 13th edition TDMM is an indispensable reference that completes any reference library.

Within its two volumes and more than 2100 pages, the TDMM, 13th edition, consists of 21 chapters and five appendices:

  • Principles of Transmission
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Telecommunications Spaces
  • Backbone Distribution Systems
  • Horizontal Distribution Systems
  • ICT Cables and Connecting Hardware
  • Firestop Systems
  • Bonding and Grounding (Earthing)
  • Power Distribution
  • Telecommunications Administration
  • Field Testing of Structured Cabling
  • Outside Plant
  • Audiovisual Systems
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Data Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Electronic Safety and Security
  • Data Centers
  • Health Care
  • Residential Cabling
  • Business Development and Project Management
  • Appendix A: Codes, Standards, Regulations, and Organizations
  • Appendix B: Network Interfaces and Demarcation Points in the United States
  • Appendix C: Regulations and Standards for Emissions and Immunity
  • Appendix D: Mechanical, Ingress, Climatic/Chemical, and Electromagnetic Considerations
  • Appendix E: Legal Considerations for the ITS Distribution Designer

A Comprehensive Glossary and Listing of International Industry Codes, Standards and Organizations are also included in the manual.

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