Sheet Metal 2nd Edition © 2006


Vendor: American Technical Publisher

Product type: Books

Sheet Metal blends traditional fabrication principles with contemporary tools and technology. This edition includes workbook questions and is concisely written, with large, two-color illustrations and updated photography to emphasize key points.

While the tools and technology in the sheet metal trade continue to evolve, basic principles that are fundamental to working with sheet metal remain. Sheet Metalpresents basic metalworking principles and builds on this knowledge throughout the book.

The first six chapters provide an introduction to safety, tools, machinery, materials, and fasteners used in the sheet metal trade. The next six chapters cover cutting, forming, and joining methods. Chapters 13 through 17 cover basic drafting principles and pattern development. Chapter 18 covers specification, layout, and fabrication of sheet metal used in the building trades. Chapter 19 covers the short method of pattern development.

Hands-on activities reinforce concepts introduced in the chapters.

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