NFPA 13R Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Residential Occupancies up to and Including Four Stories in Height


Vendor: NFPA

Product type: Books

Protect low-rise residential occupancies with the 2007 NFPA 13R. Increase the level of life safety and property protection with sprinkler systems designed and installed according to the 2007 NFPA 13R. This Standard provides essential requirements for the installation of life-saving sprinklers in multiple-family residential occupancies. It includes the latest provisions for water supplies system components, system flow rates, and sprinkler location and position. Changes to this edition include: Added spacing and obstruction rules addressing sloped ceilings, ceiling pockets, ceiling fans, and kitchen cabinets Clarified requirements for utilizing Quick Response Sprinklers Added requirements addressing architectural features within the dwelling unit Clarified closet requirements, including obstructions within the closet and protection of mechanical closets (Softbound, 33 pp., 2007)

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