Vendor: Delmar Cengage Learning

Product type: Book

Landscaping: Principles & Practices, 7th Edition provides the basic knowledge and industry information needed to be successful in the field of landscape design and architecture. Focusing on three areas of professional practice; design, contracting and management, traditional topics such as design, plant installation, and pricing are covered, as well as topics not found in most other books, such as interior landscaping, xeriscaping, water gardens, and safety.


  • New chapters on proposal presentation and water gardens.
  • Incorporates updates and information on new technologies and materials used in the landscape business.
  • Focus on professionalism and customer service.
  • Extensive color illustrations that exemplify and clarify points made in the text.
  • Attuned to the industry, making the text a contemporary learning tool, addressing topics often overlooked in more traditionally written books.


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