IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook


Vendor: IPT Publishing and Training Ltd

Product type: Pocket-sized Paperback Book

IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook and Manual – Setting the Standard

Updated in 2006, IPT’s Pipe Trades Handbook and Training Manual combine all the essentials of other reference books, plus so much more. Topics include pipe and tube data, valves, fittings, flanges and gaskets, offsets and calculations—the answers to all your questions. You’ll especially appreciate the pipe layout, piping prints, oxy-acetylene set-up, pipe welding and pipe rigging sections, which are easy to understand, yet extremely detailed.

IPT Pipe Trades Handbook for Training or a Job Site Resource

Clear, concise tables and charts and an updated rigging section makes our Pipes Trades Handbook and Training Manual the standard for pipe trades classroom and job site resources. Turn to IPT every time!

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