Prometric West Virginia Lightning Protection Electrical Certification Package


Vendor: brown-states

Product type: Packages

This exam has 50 questions and is open book. You have a 2-½ hour time limit with a minimum passing score of 70%.

Scope – Tests a candidate’s knowledge of the design, installation, maintenance, alteration and testing of lightning protection systems and equipment.

The following reference is allowed in the testing center. 
NFPA 780 - Installation of Lightning Protection Systems

The following references were used to create exam questions but are not allowed in the testing center. 
Alternating Current Fundamentals
Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Basic Electrical Theory

All test questions are the property of Prometric Inc. and are protected by copyright. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted materials.

|title=Reference Materials|nfpa-780-standard-for-the-installation-of-lightning-protection-systems|alternating-current-fundamentals|mike-holt-s-illustrated-guide-to-basic-electrical-theory|title=Application Assistance|application-service|

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